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World War II Vehicles, Tanks and Airplanes, picture of T-34/85
World War II Vehicles, Tanks and Airplanes, picture of Fw-190
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World War II Vehicles, Tanks, Airplanes, and Ships

World War II, a time in history of great upheaval the world over. Found here in are some of the machines used in that time by the men and women who fought the battles, delivered the supplies, and transported the wounded. Look around and enjoy the historical information, the specifications, pictures and videos of the machines of war that were used in World War II.

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14 December 2018, Italy's Piaggio P.50 heavy bomber

Never getting out of the prototype stage the Piaggio P.50 heavy bomber design led to better models.

  • Piaggio P.50-I bomber

10 December 2018, Italy's Piaggio P.32 bomber

The Piaggio P.32 bombers were of all wood construction and developed in the mid-1930s.

  • Piaggio P.32 bis bomber

9 December 2018, Italy's Nardi FN-305 trainer

The Nardi FN.305 trainer was a high performance light aircraft in the late 1930s.

  • Nardi FN.305 trainer

7 December 2018, Italy's Meridionali Ro.58 fighter

The Meridionali Ro.58 had potential to being a good twin engine fighter, but the Italian surrender stopped all work on it.

7 December 2018, Italy's Meridionali Ro.57 fighter

The Meridionali Ro.57 was a twin engine fighter that turned out to be not very maneuverable and fared poorly against Allied fighters.

  • Meridionali Ro.57 fighter

7 December 2018, Pearl Harbor Day

Where your you or your family members on Pearl Harbor Day? My dad was in Kansas and my mom in California, both on their family farms. Soon after my dad joined the Marines. He said that they had the best uniforms is why he chose them over the other branches of service.

3 December 2018, Italy's Meridionali Ro.51 fighter

A prewar prototype, the Meridionali Ro.51 was never put into production.

  • Meridionali Ro. 51 fighter

30 November 2018, Italy's Meridionali Ro.44 fighter, floatplane

Very few of the Meridionali Ro.44 floatplanes were built.

  • Meridionali Ro. 44 floatplane

23 November 2018, Italy's Meridionali Ro.43 reconnaissance floatplane

The Meridionali Ro.43 was used by the Italian Navy as a ship board reconnaissance fighter floatplane.

  • Meridionali Ro.43 fighter reconnaissance floatplane

22 November 2018, Italy's Meridionali Ro. 41 fighter

The Meridionali Ro.41 was not accepted by the Regia Aeronautica for production as it didn't perform as well as other fighters from other manufacturers.

  • Meridionali Ro. 41 fighter

18 November 2018, Italy's Macchi MC.205 Veltro (Greyhound)

A fighter that some said was equal to the P-51 Mustang, the Macchi MC.205 Veltro came too late to make any difference in the fight in the Mediterranean.

  • Macchi MC.205 Veltro fighter

17 November 2018, Italy's Macchi MC.202 Folgore (lightning)

The Macchi MC.202 was the first Italian military aircraft powered by a liquid cooled engine.

  • Macchi MC.202 Folgore fighter

16 November 2018, Italy's Macchi MC.200, Macchi M.C.200 fighter Saetta (lightning)

The Macchi MC.200 had around 1,500 manufactured.

  • Macchi MC.200 Saetta fighter

12 November 2018, Italy's Fiat G.55 fighter Centauro (Centaur)

The Fiat G.55 Centauro had great potential as a fighter, but it was deployed too close the surrender of Italy.

  • FIAT G.55 Centauro fighter

11 November 2018, Italy's Fiat G.12 transport

The Fiat G.12 series were various forms of cargo, civilian, and troop transports. A couple were made to fly from Italy to South America.

10 November 2018, Italy's Fiat CR.25 convoy escort fighter

Based on the Fiat BR.20 the Fiat CR.25 only had 10 built and those were used out of Sicily to help escort convoys to Africa or reconnaissance.

2 November 2018, Italy's Fiat CR.42 fighter, C.R. 42

The Fiat CR.42 Falco fighter was used in the early years of World War II but was vastly outclassed by Allied fighters.

  • Fiat CR.42 Falco fighter

26 October 2018, Italy's Fiat CR.32 fighter

The Fiat CR.32 was the main fighter of the 1930s in the Italian Regia Aeronautica.

  • Fiat C.R. 32 bis fighter

25 October 2018, Italy's Fiat G.50B trainer

100 Fiat G.50B trainers were built and used in the Regia Aeronautica training squadrons.

24 October 2018, Italy's Fiat CR.42 fighter

The Fiat CR.42 fighter also had a prototype floatplane version with two floats installed.

24 October 2018, Italy's Fiat (Construzioni Meccaniche Aeronautiche S.A.) R.S.14, RS.14 torpedo bomber and reconnaissance floatplane

The Fiat R.S.14 was a little produced floatplane.

  • Fiat R.S.14 floatplane


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